Alex Fogg’s Story

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I know I have a new career that has not only changed my life but is also incredibly therapeutic for me. I couldn’t be happier

From living in his car, to working on the world’s first driverless electric racing car!

Alex Fogg is a former Royal Engineer Sapper who was discharged on medical grounds in September 2014 following a heart attack at the age of 22. Like many, he struggled to find enjoyable, worthwhile and sustainable employment. Alex found himself unemployed and homeless, living in his car. 

Whilst visiting Tedworth House Recovery Centre, Alex was referred to Mission Motorsport and subsequently attended an open day at Mission Motorsport HQ in late August 2016.  

Alex spent a week with the Forces’ Motorsport charity, and during that time an opportunity arose to go and visit Dragon Racing, [a team in the new and successful Formula E global race series.] The team took Alex on a short work placement where he impressed the team manager so much, that he was offered a contract to stay with the team for the season.  Within weeks he was at the first round of the season, in Hong Kong and eventually visited a dizzying array of exotic locations; including Marrakesh and Buenos Aries! [Ed -Yes our green-eyed monsters came to the forefront and we didn’t like hearing from Alex after a while!]

Alex’s first year in Formula E was a huge learning curve but he did so well that he found himself promoted within the team, taking on responsibility for team logistics. Mission Motorsport supported him throughout and the Royal British Legion provided support funding during his placement before the team took him under contract.  

Alex decided to seek new opportunities with other teams and with his new found confidence he put himself back on the market and is now a Parts & Logistics Coordinator at Roborace.

Francis Stokes’ Story

Confidence in myself about going into a civilian workplace has increased, as well as my motivation to do work, and the belief in myself that I can actually do it

Francis Stokes joined The Household Cavalry in 2009 just 3 months after his 16th birthday.

Unfortunately, in 2015, Francis suffered a stroke whilst with his regiment in Brussels. The stroke affected his vision, meant that he was unable to drive, left him with limited sensation and weakness down one side of his body, and left him suffering with anxiety. Because of this, he was deemed unfit for service and was medically discharged at the end of March 2017 at only 24 years old. Like most soldiers, Francis joined with the expectation of serving for his full career, so his discharge was a big shock, and left him in a fragile state.

Attracted through Recovery Sport, he completed a Level 3 Diploma with Mission Motorsport, and a series of work placements led to an extraordinary new career

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Alistair Bradie’s Story

Since a young age I have always had a keen interest in cars, motorbikes and motorsport but given my career path in the military I only owned cars and motorbikes and didn’t think I would be able to transition to the industry until I came across Mission Motorsport’s employment initiatives
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I served as a Landing Craftsman in HM Royal Marines with operational experience in the Northern Ireland. A foreign draft to Gibraltar and a stint on the commando display team. I was injured whilst on a deployment on HMS Bulwark in 2014 having been recommended for promotion to Sergeant.

I then turned to matching my boating experience with qualifications throughout 2017 after medical discharge and attained the MCA Master certificate of competence.

Concurrently studying for a NVQ level 3 in Light vehicle repair and maintenance, as motorsport and the automotive industry were ambitions for the future.

After attaining the NVQ I wanted to get on with a new career and I was able to start at current position of a mechanic for a small limited company working on project cars.

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